Wednesday, January 29th


  1. MC Practice “Success Is Always Sweetest”
  2. Peer Editing/Revision

HW: Due tomorrow Final Draft

American Literature

  1. Adjective/Adverb Lesson (E.C. due tomorrow)
  2. Start working on ASSIGNMENT FIVE (see packet on Unit Links Page)


  • Write your thesis and brainstorm two reasons you are right.
  • Try coming up with one reason someone could oppose your position as well.

Honors 11

  1. Review: Answers to Quiz One (What’s important? How should I read to do well?)
  2. Reading Time

HW: Be finished with 17-35 by tomorrow (and be finished with the study guide)

*Note — I need to update/revise the 3rd study guide, but my computer/internet aren’t up yet at my new house, so I am posting the old one now for people who are reading ahead. 2013 Moby Dick Packet 3


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