Wednesday, February 26th

Advanced Placement (1st hour)

  • 15 minutes: Study vocabulary terms
    • Use either your notes or quizlet
    • Remember — the next vocabulary exam will be held March 7th
  • Remainder of the class hour: Poet Study
    • Continue to research your poet
    • Helpful resources are linked here
    • Remember — Wikipedia is a good place to start, but you should follow the links at the bottom of the page to read actual academic sources

American Literature (2nd, 5th, and 7th hour)

  • Reading: Read chapters 9-11, and take notes using the four-box method
    • The chapters can be listened to here
    • Chapter nine starts at 52:53, and chapter 11 ends at 1:15:18
  • Some hints for your notes:
    • Chapter 9: Mademoiselle Riesz’s character, music as a symbol, and the awakening implied in Edna’s tears
    • Chapter 10: The sea as a symbol, swimming as symbolic, Edna’s awakening upon learning to swim
    • Chapter 11: Leonce’s character, Edna’s character, and what happens at the end of the chapter — is Edna an independent adult yet?

Honors 11 (4th and 6th hour)

  • Work Day
    • Reading: work toward finishing Moby-Dick
    • Study Guides: work on completing your study guides (all of them are due Friday)



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