Monday, March 3rd


  • Presentations!
    • Sarah (William Blake)
    • Victoria (John Dryden)
  • Note: There will be a short quiz over all the presentations when we finish. If you were gone, get notes from a friend!

American Literature

  • Note: It is important to take notes over class discussions — the material WILL show up on quizzes and tests.
  • Discussion: Chapters 9-14
  • Quiz: Chapters 9-14

HW: Read Chapters 15-17 and TAKE NOTES 🙂

Honors 11

  • Discussion
    • Why should we do a class movie project?
    • How will I be graded on the movie project?
    • See Unit Links Page for handout!
  • M-D Quiz 7

HW: Begin working on class movie project! You should at least have a solid thesis by tomorrow.


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