Monday, March 24th

Welcome Back!

I hope you are all ready to kick off a GREAT fourth quarter! Set your goals high, and keep working hard!

Advanced Placement

  • Introductory Information: Hamlet
  • In-Class Audio — Act I, Scene 1
  • In-Class Audio — began Act I, Scene 2

HW: Consider questions 1 and 2 on your worksheet!

American Literature

  • Group Quiz (open book) Chapters 34, 35, and 36
  • Mrs. Lamp checked notes 34-36

HW: Be prepared for an individual quiz over 37, 38, 39 on WEDNESDAY. You also must turn in your notes for 37-39 on WEDNESDAY.

Honors 11

  • Final day to view/review/revise/edit
  • Send me a link to the FINAL version of the film by 7:40 AM tomorrow (3/25)

HW: None 🙂 Get ready to start Tuesdays with Morrie on Wednesday! (We’ll watch and give feedback on the other team’s movie tomorrow!)


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