Body Biography

Body Biography Instructions:

In order to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of character development, you will create a visual representation of a character’s most important traits. You will incorporate carefully chosen text evidence that supports your analysis of the character.

In terms of content, you should focus on making claims, backing them up with evidence, and explaining them (analysis).

For example, one part of the assignment is to analyze the character’s conflict(s). You make a claim (his/her major conflict is _____). You provide text evidence (quote or paraphrase the text, then cite it appropriately). You analyze the evidence (explain how the evidence proves your claim).

In terms of presentation, you should focus on adding visual and creative elements that compliment the points you are making about your chosen character. The way you include your C-E-A information should in some way visually/creatively mirror the information itself.

For example, I might want to think about using color, drawings/pictures, 3-D elements, or hidden elements. If I were doing the heart (the character’s major desires/needs), I could use red, I could draw a related image in a romantic or fantastical way, I could show that it is a deep inner desire by hiding it underneath the body or under a heart picture that can be lifted up, or I could show what a burning desire it is by having it pop out of the chest area somehow or by creating flames around it with tissue paper. The possibilities are endless!

Remember, you must CITE EVERYTHING! Use parentheticals and include a Work Cited page. If you used an outside source (like Shmoop), cite that as well. Do NOT work with a partner unless you have my express permission.



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