Week of April 7th


  • Monday: 1. Vocabulary, 2. Discuss Hamlet Act IV
  • Tuesday: 1. Vocabulary, 2. Watch Hamlet Act V
  • Due Friday: Take-home essay (assignment sheet handed out today in class)
    • Yes, you MUST cite the text (use the full text on-line to get line numbers).
    • Yes, you may cite other sources as well.
    • Put in your best effort! I’ve noticed some slacking lately!
  • THURSDAY: Study/Discussion (I will check your Act V worksheets during study time)
  • FRIDAY: Take-home essay due. EXAM (10 fill-in-the-blank, 5 short answer, 3 interpret the text, 1 short essay)

American Literature

Honors 11

Senior Bio Template (Senior Bios due MONDAY, 4/14)


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