How to Effectively Answer Journal Prompts

It’s nearly summer, and many of you are having trouble remembering how to effectively answer a question. Don’t worry — I’ve got your back.

When you are asked to respond to a prompt, as a high school student, you should be thinking about clarity, organization, and CONTENT.

The formula that we use naturally as human beings is very simple: we typically state a claim (this is your thesis — it should be a clear and straight-forward answer to the question you were asked); next, we offer details (this is where you include evidence from the text (you should use quotes where appropriate)); finally, we explain how that evidence proves our point (this is your analysis).

In order to get a 10/10 on your Tuesdays with Morrie Reading Assignments, you need to follow this formula!


  1. Claim
  2. Evidence
  3. Analysis

PS: do not forget to use parenthetical citations after a direct quote, AND ALSO after paraphrased details from the text.

Here is an EXCELLENT student example:

How to Answer Tuesdays with Morrie Questions


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