Honors English 11: Summer Reading Information


Read ALL THE PRETTY HORSES by Cormac McCarthy

Do NOT read The Grapes of Wrath!!!

Click here for the Summer Reading Novel Review Packet

Click here for our 1st week CALENDAR: Summer Reading Assessment 2014

Tips for tackling the summer reading…

  • Start early!
  • Have a reading buddy (either in real life, or on the internet – Goodreads is a good place to talk about books with others online).
  • Set a time every night to read, and read for at least 20 minutes.
  • Find something to enjoy about each book.
  • Use the internet to figure out who all the characters are before you even begin to read.
  • Do not read the Sparknotes or Shmoop information first; read it AFTER reading a chapter.
  • Read the “boring” ones first; then, when you are running out of steam at the end, at least you will be reading a book you are motivated to read.
  • Use an audio book! Try libravox or CC prose.

If you want to do well on the exam…

  • Seriously – Spark Notes is no substitute for reading.
  • READ the novel. A movie, study video, or study site will not prepare you for the exam.
  • Look up anything that doesn’t make sense.
  • Study along the way – don’t cram!
  • Take notes as you read, and then review once a week. Let it sink in over the whole summer! Try using the study guide! (Posted under Unit Links on the blog)
  • Don’t slack off or get behind schedule! You don’t want to have to try to read four books in two weeks!

Summer Reading Essay Rubric

Summer Reading Unit Guide

Adding_Evidence_to_Claims: A Sample Student Paper with Mrs. Lamp’s comments

Student-Made Study Guides


About MrsLamp88

Carly (Stahmer) Lamp graduated from the University of Iowa in 2011 with a BA in English and a teaching certificate in secondary English education. Since the fall of 2011, Mrs. Lamp has been teaching English literature and composition courses at Assumption High School in Davenport, Iowa. She currently teaches AP Lit. and Comp. and English 11. Mrs. Lamp also coaches the Academic Decathlon team and runs the AHS ACT Prep Club. Some of her favorite novels include... American Psycho (Ellis) Beloved (Morison) Wide Sargasso Sea (Rhys) All the Pretty Horses (McCarthy) A Farewell to Arms (Hemingway) High Fidelity (Hornby) Heart of Darkness (Conrad) The Catcher in the Rye (Salinger) Catch-22 (Heller) Moby Dick (Melville) The Portrait of a Lady (James) Midnight's Children (Rushdie)
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