Wednesday, August 20th

American Literature

1. Teacher Example

2. Peer Sharing

3. Free Writing Time

HW: Come to class with a rough draft to share!

Honors 11

1. Sample Essay

2. Questions

3. Assign / Explain the Practice Essay

HW: Complete Practice Essay

HW: Personal Response: Is this novel literature? (practice only)

  1. Literature is writing that makes a significant comment about the society in which it is set.
  2. True literature develops strong characters; the story is representative not just of what happens to a character, but what that character says about his or her world. Characters should be multi-dimensional, believable, and memorable. The story should not just be a series of plot points.
  3. Literature is also defined by an author’s use of language. Real literature uses language in special, pleasing, and extraordinary ways. Authors pay attention to diction, imagery, tone, mood, figurative language, and symbolism.

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