Week of September 1st

American Lit.

  • Download this packet: Comma Use Lessons
    • We will do a comma activity on most days this month. You will have to e-mail me your finished packet on October 3rd (the day of the comma test).
    • If you miss a day, you will have to do that worksheet on your own.
  • Tuesday: Research + Note-taking
  • Wednesday: Filled out Web Evaluations. Made Works Cited pages. Worked on presentations.
  • Thursday: Practiced for tomorrow’s presentations.

Honors 11

Tuesday: Puritan Quiz + Read about Anne Bradstreet. HW = read “To My Dear and Loving Husband” and be ready to discuss it tomorrow.

Wednesday: Went over meter (helpful PDF). Discussed”To My Dear and Loving Husband.” Read “Upon the Burning of Our House,” and discussed it. Read about Edward Taylor and read his first poem in the packet. HW = Go over the discussion questions, and be prepared to discuss this poem tomorrow!

Thursday: We discussed “God’s Determinations.” In small groups, we “translated” “Upon a Spider” into modern English. We then discussed that poem as a whole group. HW: Study for tomorrow’s quiz. Anything in that packet could appear on the exam. Also, be prepared to read a new poem by Anne and a new poem by Edward. You will be asked how each poem demonstrates Puritan beliefs/values!

Friday: We took the quiz. Then, we read the “Crucible Introductory Reading” + answered the discussion questions.


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