Week of September 22nd

American Literature


  • Checked Act III Study Guide
  • Went over Act III Study Guide
  • Watched the first half of Act III


  • Comma Practice 4
  • Finished watching Act III
  • HW: Read the first half of Act IV and do side one of the study guide


  • Comma Practice 5
  • Read Act IV aloud together
  • HW: Finish the study guide


  • Comma Practice 6
  • Watch Act IV
  • HW: Study for the Act III and Act IV Quiz tomorrow!


  • Quiz (20 points): The Crucible, Acts III and IV

Honors 11


  • Passed out “How to Come up with a Thesis” and talked about the essay assignment briefly.
  • Discussed the article we read for HW and our answers to the reading questions.
  • Chose groups and began brainstorming for the debate tomorrow 🙂


  • Discussed thesis statements briefly
  • Debate!
  • HW: E-mail me your thesis!


  • Discussed thesis statements again
  • Grand Cross Examination
  • HW: Work on your essay


  • Went over the debate flow as a class; it’s a tie!
  • Time to write/ask Mrs. Lamp for help.
  • HW: Work on your essay (due Monday) + study for the quiz tomorrow


  • Act II, III and IV Quiz
  • Writers’ Workshop Time
  • HW: Finish your essay.

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