Week of November 3rd

American Literature (English 11)



  • Went over Romanticism notes. Get this info from a friend if you were absent (page one).
  • Read about Longfellow and wrote down 4 main ideas (page two and three).
  • HW: Read the 2 Longfellow poems!


  • Pop Quiz: Reading Quiz over the 2 Longfellow poems
  • Discussed the poems and filled out the reading questions about the poems (page six).


  • Wrote a mini-essay with our group. Prompt: What is Longfellow’s view of life in his poem “A Psalm of Life”?
  • Worth 40 pts.


  • Read the William Cullen Bryant bio.
  • Take notes over the main ideas.
  • HW: Read “Thanatopsis” and “The Praries”

Honors 11


  • Identifying Pronoun Types: Finished Practice 1
  • Note-taking: Romanticism
    • If you were absent, download the PowerPoint and take notes over the first ten slides.
    • Then, come in and get the four poems you need to read out of the Honors 11 absent folder.
  • HW: Read the four poems and jot down what makes them Romantic.


  • Pop Quiz: Reading Quiz (covered the four Romantic poems)
  • Began our discussion of the four poems.


  • Finished our discussion of the four poems.
  • Began going over what Transcendentalism is.
  • HW: Read about Emerson and Thoreau (pages 187-189 and 204-206 in the red textbook).


  • Discuss the bio readings about Emerson and Thoreau (turn in discussion notes).
  • HW: Read “Self-Reliance” and “Civil Disobedience” From the Orange Text Book. Take notes over the main ideas. How are they Romantic/Transcendental?


  • Discuss “Self-Reliance” and “Civil Disobedience”
  • Introduce Gothic and Dark Romantic literature.
  • HW: Read background reading about Gothic & Dark Romantic literature; it’s the slides we haven’t gone over yet in the PowerPoint slides packet I gave you on Monday: PowerPoint

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