The Colonial Period: The Crucible (Drama)

Note: Honors Students must complete the study guide. Regular students should do it to study for the final test, but it is not required.

Week of February 1st

M. 2/1

  • Passive Voice
  • Go over research topics

T. 2/2

  • Passive Voice
  • Finish research topics review
  • Read Intro Reading
  • Go over Discussion Questions for the Intro Reading

W. 2/3

  • Passive Voice
  • Watch first half of Act I

Th. 2/4

  • Passive Voice
  • Watch second half of Act I
  • HW: Read Act I (Quiz Monday)

Week of February 8th

W. 2/10

  • Quiz (Act I)
  • Watch first half of Act II

Th. 2/11

  • Passive Voice #3
  • Finish watching Act II
  • HW: Do Passive Voice #4 + Read Act II

F. 2/12

  • Review Passive Voice #4
  • Watch first half of Act III
  • HW: Read first half of Act III

Week of February 15th 

T. 2/16

  • Passive Voice QUIZ
  • Finish watching Act III
  • HW: Read the rest of Act III

W. 2/17

  • Watch Act IV
  • HW: Read Act IV and finish Study Guide

Th. 2/18

  • One
    • Is The Crucible a tragedy?
    • Read handout and write one page explaining why or why not.
  • Two
    • How is The Crucible a response to McCarthyism?
    • Read the two articles and write a one page response to this question.
  • Due tomorrow before the bell rings!

F. 2/19

  • The Crucible EXAM
  • Honors must turn in Study Guides today!

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