Senior Bio Directions for Seniors

Step One:

  • Open your school e-mail. You will be e-mailing this to yourself and to TAMMY QUESTED.
  • Name the e-mail Last Name First Name Senior Bio.

Step Two:

Write out your senior bio. Follow the template below.

First Middle Last is the son/daughter of (parent’s names include year of graduation if parent graduated from Assumption) and sister/brother of (siblings’ names – include year of graduation if sibling graduated from Assumption). His/her academic accomplishments and awards include _________. He/she was involved in (athletics, clubs, and extracurricular activities – if you were an office-holder or team captain, add that!). *** His/her future plans are to (attend _______ University* / go into the armed forces / begin working in _________ field).

***Note: You can also add spiritual and/or volunteer activities you were involved in; you would add a sentence about that where I’ve put ***

*Note: If you do not know where you will go to college, you can putt “His/her future plans are to attend a four-year university.”

Step Three:

  • Now, hit send to send the e-mail to yourself AND TAMMY QUESTED.
  • Please note: you can update/edit/revise this bio whenever necessary. Just re-send the bio to Mrs. Quested after any changes that you make.

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