Rules & Rubrics

Writing Help:

Expository Essay Power Point (updated November 2015)

Character Analysis Power Point (created October 2016)

How I Grade Writing (updated September 2016)

See also: this website’s Grammar and Citation Pages!

Important Rubrics

  1. Literary Analysis/Expository Essay Rubric (updated November 2016)
  2. College Admissions Essay Rubric
  3. Persuasive Speech Rubric
  4. Body Biography Rubric


English 11 Syllabus 2016-17

AP Syllabus 2016-17

American Literature 2015-16

  • Instructor: Carly Lamp
  • E-mail:
  • Open Hours: After School and by Appointment


  • Assignments are to be turned in at the start of class. You have 2 late passes per semester. After you’ve used up your passes, you can only earn a maximum of 10% credit, and this is only available up to one week after the due date.
  • Late work (and absent work) goes in the RED bucket.
  • Computer/printer problems are not an excuse for late work.
  • Whenever there is a reading assignment, you should be prepared to take a reading quiz. Also, be prepared to have me check your reading notes.
  • Come to class prepared to discuss the material.


  • I expect that you will do your own work. Stealing ideas from other people’s work does not show me what you are learning. Consequences include detentions, re-doing the assignment, and losing 50-100 percent of the points for the assignment.
  • We will go over proper documentation in class, and you are expected to understand how and when to cite. If you are unsure, ask me.
  • Unless you are supposed to be doing outside research, do not use internet sources to help you with your work.
  • Unless you have asked permission, do not give or receive help with classwork.


  • It is your job to find out what you missed. Do NOT ask me until you’ve checked your unit calendar.
  • Absent work goes in the RED bucket.
  • If you missed something, you must make it up within the number of days you missed + one.
  • Make-ups may be done before or after school, if you schedule with me (use e-mail). You can also do this during a study hall, but you must come to my room, not the LRC.

Reading Tips:

Reading Fiction

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