Writing Help:

Reading Help:Reading Fiction


  1. Literary Analysis/Expository Essay Rubric (updated November 2016)
    • Reading this will show you every single element I am looking for; failure to include any element or follow any rule listed on this rubric results in a deduction of points.
  2. College Essay Rubric (updated March, 2018)
    • A strong “College Admissions Essay” will hold up well when compared to this rubric; you can use this rubric to figure out what readers are looking for when they assess your college essay.
  3. Persuasive Speech Packet 2018 (see final pages; updated 3/28/18)
    • An excellent persuasive speech will meet the requirements outlined in this rubric; you can use this rubric to see what elements of content and delivery I will assess to come up with your persuasive speech grade.
  4. Body Biography Rubric
    • This rubric is a good way to see what elements you must include and what strengths you must demonstrate in your body biography assignment. Please read the rubric carefully before starting a body biography.

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