Writing & Reading Help

How do you infer a theme?

Writing Help:

  • AHS English Essentials 2 (updated September, 2017)
    • Formatting, Citation, Plagiarism, Writing Essays, and Speaking Tips
    • MLA and APA information
    • Packet used by all AHS English teachers
  • How I Grade Writing (updated September 2016)
    • Contains a broad overview of what I expect to see for all written assignments, whether handwritten or typed; information covers my expectations for both homework questions and essays.
  • How to Write an Expository Essay (updated November 2017)
    • A short, yet detailed PowerPoint to walk you through writing an essay, from start to finish!
    • When I ask you to answer a prompt or to write a “five-paragraph essay,” this is the type of essay you are being asked to write.
  • Expository_Essay_Structure_Worksheet_(updated November 2017)
    • A printable graphic organizer/worksheet to help you plan an expository essay. This provides space and a walk through for outlining your paper/writing a rough draft!
    • This kind of essay has an intro, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
  • Character Analysis Power Point (created October 2016)
    • A step-by-step walkthrough for writing a specific type of essay called a character analysis
    • See also: this website’s Grammar and Citation Pages!

Writing a Narrative/Story?

Reading Help:Reading Fiction

 Important Rubrics

  1. Literary Analysis/Expository Essay Rubric (updated November 2016)
    • Reading this will show you every single element I am looking for; failure to include any element or follow any rule listed on this rubric results in a deduction of points.
  2. College Admissions Essay Rubric
    • A strong “College Admissions Essay” will hold up well when compared to this rubric; you can use this rubric to figure out what readers are looking for when they assess your college essay.
  3. Persuasive Speech Rubric
    • An excellent persuasive speech will meet the requirements outlined in this rubric; you can use this rubric to see what elements of content and delivery I will assess to come up with your persuasive speech grade.
  4. Body Biography Rubric
    • This rubric is a good way to see what elements you must include and what strengths you must demonstrate in your body biography assignment. Please read the rubric carefully before starting a body biography.

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