AP Lit. and Comp.

Fall ’17

Crime and Punishment (Summer Reading)

8/23 to 9/1

Tips for tackling the summer reading…

  • Start early!
  • Have a reading buddy (either in real life, or on the internet – Goodreads is a good place to talk about books with others online).
  • Set a time every night to read, and read for at least 20 minutes.
  • Find something to enjoy about each book.
  • Use the internet to figure out who all the characters are before you even begin to read.
  • Read the “boring” ones first; then, when you are running out of steam at the end, at least you will be reading a book you are motivated to read.
  • Use an audio book! Try libravox or CC prose.

If you want to do well on the exam…

  • Seriously – Spark Notes (or any other resource) is no substitute for reading.
  • READ the novel. A movie, study video, or study site will not prepare you for the exam.
  • Look up anything that doesn’t make sense.
  • Study along the way – don’t cram!
  • Take notes as you read, and then review once a week. Let it sink in over the whole summer! Try checking out our Unit Packet (posted above)
  • Don’t slack off or get behind schedule! You don’t want to have to try to read everything in two weeks!


9/5 to 10/13

Mrs. Dalloway

10/16 to 11/3

  • Bond Street in the early 1930s (video 2.5 minutes)
  • WWI historical background (video 4.5 minutes)
  • The Modernism Lab at Yale (Virginia Woolf resources)
  • British history timeline (quick facts; slide to the WWI era)
  • The only recording of Virginia Woolf’s voice (“On Craftsmanship” 7.5 minutes)
  • “Shell Shock” (wiki explains views and theories of the time)
  • Twelve-Tone/Atonal Music (video piano example)
  • Cubism (link 1 to MOMA collection) and Abstract Art (link 2 to Moma collection)
  • Virginia Woolf’s suicide note (text, audio, and photo)
  • “The Wasteland” (poem, influenced Mrs Dalloway)
  • Excerpts from Ulysses (novel, influenced Mrs Dalloway; article: why read Ulysses?)

English Poetry

11/6 to 11/22


11/27 to 12/20

Spring ’18

Huck Finn

1/3 to 2/2

Background Materials



Heart of Darkness

2/7 to 3/9

Exam Prep

3/12 to 3/29


4/2 to 4/25

“Novel of Choice” Project

4/26 to 5/23

+ a smattering of test review

(Spring Semester)

  • Various Multiple Choice Exercises
  • Practice with the Timed Essay
  • Check E-mail for overview of the test/strategies