AP Lit. and Comp.

AP Poetry Terms

AP Complete Lit. Terms

Spring ’18

Junior Novel: Huck Finn

Senior Novel: The Great Gatsby

Heart of Darkness

Choice Novel Project


Poetry Unit Two

(AP Test May 9th)

  • About the Examination
    • The AP English Literature exam is three hours long and consists of two sections. One hour is given for 50–60 multiple-choice questions, followed by two hours for three to four free-response questions. Performance on the multiple-choice section of the examination counts for 45 percent of the total grade; performance on the free-response section, 55 percent.
  • The Multiple-Choice Section
    • The multiple-choice section of the test consists of 50–60 questions to be answered in 60 minutes. Multiple-choice questions are based on passages. Students are expected to critically read the selected passages and answer the questions based on their analysis.
    • Provide an answer for each question as there is no penalty for wrong answers. Record your best guess.
  • The Free-Response Section
    • The free-response section of the exam consists of two parts: passage-based essays and a standard essay. This section is to be completed in 120 minutes as described below. Each essay is worth an equal portion of the overall score for this section.
  • Passage-Based Essay
    • Students will be required to answer two Passage-Based Essays on the exam in 80 minutes.
    • One essay will be based on a prose passage and the other based on a poetry passage. It is important to reference the work as you completely answer all parts of the prompt.
  • Standard Essays
    • Students will be required to answer one standard essay question in 40 minutes.
    • The standard essay question requires students to answer a prompt using a work or piece of literature as the basis for their answer.

Persuasive Speeches

Fall ’17

Crime and Punishment (Summer Reading)

8/23 to 9/1



9/5 to 9/22


9/25 to 10/16

English Poetry

10/17 to 11/3


11/6 to 11/22


The Text


  • Act I “Relationships” Activity (E.C. if filled out) Answers
  • Act II “Plotting” Activity (E.C. if filled out) Answers
  • Act II “Puns” Activity (this was homework): Puns and Paradoxes in Hamlet
  • Act II Analysis Questions (done in class): Answers
  • Act IV Study Guide ?s are on Twitter @MrsLamp88



Mrs. Dalloway

11/27 to 12/20


  • A) Calendar
  • B) Introductory Readings
  • C) Introductory Writing Activity
  • D) Study Guide Questions

Woolf Dalloway Packet Fall 2017 (Updated 11/26/17)


Mrs Dalloway Essay Prompts and Additional Readings:

Additional Materials:

  • Bond Street in the early 1930s (video 2.5 minutes)
  • WWI historical background (video 4.5 minutes)
  • The Modernism Lab at Yale (Virginia Woolf resources)
  • British history timeline (quick facts; slide to the WWI era)
  • The only recording of Virginia Woolf’s voice (“On Craftsmanship” 7.5 minutes)
  • “Shell Shock” (wiki explains views and theories of the time)
  • Twelve-Tone/Atonal Music (video piano example)
  • Cubism (link 1 to MOMA collection) and Abstract Art (link 2 to Moma collection)
  • Virginia Woolf’s suicide note (text, audio, and photo)
  • “The Wasteland” (poem, influenced Mrs Dalloway)
  • Excerpts from Ulysses (novel, influenced Mrs Dalloway; article: why read Ulysses?)