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Fall 2016

Subjects, Predicates, Fragments, and Passive Voice

The Predicate: Verb Types, Compliments, and Objects

Spring 2017

ACT English: Grammar and Punctuation Skills for 11th Grade

Parts of Speech and Phrases

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Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics Expectations

#1: Pronouns

#2: No Fragments!

  • Make sure all sentences contain both a subject and a verb.
  • Do not put a comma before “and” if it’s not followed by a complete sentence or the last item in a series.

#3: No Run-ons!

  • If you have a compound sentence connected with a conjunction, use a comma before that conjunction!
  • If you have two independent clauses, you cannot connect them with a comma!
  • Put a period, semicolon, or a comma+conjunction in between separate sentences!

#4: Use Punctuation Marks Correctly

#5: Don’t shift verb tense unless it’s necessary. Use present tense for literary criticism.

#6: Subject-Verb Agreement

#7: Use standard English (no slang). Use formal language when necessary.

#8: Use commas correctly!

#9: Capitalization

#10: Parallel Structure

#11: Spelling and Homonyms

#12: Don’t use passive voice when it is vague or wordy.

#13: No dangling or misplaced modifiers!

#14: Know how and when to make things possessive and/or plural.

#15: Word Choice (correct/precise). Avoid Awkward Wording. Concision (don’t be wordy or repetitive).

English Grammar Topics

Parts of Speech Overview

Nouns and Pronouns


Adjectives and Adverbs








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