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A Message from Mrs. Lamp

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English 11



Dear Students,

I am here to assist in your development as a student, a learner, and a human being. If there is anything I can do to help you better meet your goals, please let me know.

On disagreeing… If you choose your words carefully, maintain a respectful tone, take responsibility, and aim to tell the truth, you can disagree with people in positions of authority in a civilized and productive manner. Do not be afraid to question me; I have no problem explaining my decisions and even rethinking them, when necessary.

On doing well… If you need help, ask for help. Keep up with your assignments. Study. Success is measured by effort.

On integrity… Do your own work. Every year, a few people cheat and plagiarize, and those people reap the consequences of that choice. Don’t be one of those people. Being a person of integrity matters more than any grade you will ever get. Your choices are a reflection of who you are. Make good ones.


Mrs. Lamp